Skelia Projects
Enabling People and Technologies for a Safe and Secure World
The Center for Adaptive Security Research and Applications (CASRA) is an interdisciplinary team of scientists, security experts, and software engineers with a common purpose and mission. CASRA is a leading organization in security research and applications, in particular regarding human-machine interaction in X-ray screening, socio-technical systems, selection, training, and certification of security screeners.
Business and Digital Transformations with Advanced ICT Services
Delaware is a global company that delivers advanced ICT solutions and services, guiding our organizations through their business and digital transformations. They provide companies with the tools to achieve their mission-critical priorities and future-proof their businesses. Today, more than 2,600 Delaware professionals are working in 14 countries spread over Europe, Asia, and the Americas.
Delivering Field Service Management (FSM) Software
Asolvi is a successful international SaaS company that values the culture and growth of its employees with a total of 6 development teams working on the different software portfolios in several locations across Europe. They are Europe’s leading provider of industry-specific field service management software. Their transformative and flexible solutions ensure their clients thrive in complex and competitive sectors. Asolvi supports over 1400 businesses across Europe helping them to reduce costs, increase profitability, and improve productivity. The company is on an exciting journey transitioning its product portfolio to a cloud-based SaaS.
Software Solutions for Finance and Insurance Sectors
Profit Software is an independent software and consultancy services vendor focusing on banks and insurance companies. They also offer a wide range of expertise and services within business analytics and data management across multiple industries.
State-of-the-Art Engineering and Automation Projects
Improvement. That is what Agidens is all about. For more than 70 years, they have been helping companies in various sectors to improve their operations in the areas of security, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. Agidens is supporting clients by offering consulting and engineering solutions, delivering turnkey automated solutions, or by providing maintenance and support.
Creating IT Solutions for the Future
SLTN is one of the largest IT companies in the Netherlands. They work on the most challenging IT projects in Finance, Healthcare, and Government sectors. They have 450+ colleagues on board and serve more than 1,400 customers globally. They work with a large and diverse portfolio of tech suppliers and partners, so you have ample opportunity to work with the latest technologies.
Smart AI-driven Solutions for Redefining Global Mining Processes
Our client is a global mining company with a world-class portfolio of products that are used by a billion consumers every day. Our client relies on data and cutting-edge data science to enhance their operations. They also use advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize their processes.
Development of Сutting-edge Mobile Applications and Platforms
Our client is a multi-award-winning Belgian digital agency that designs and delivers digital products and platforms from the idea to realization. They work with the latest technologies and support the clients’ digital roadmap in the areas of machine learning, digital strategy, software engineering, and user experience. They have a high-performing team of 150+ experts, including service designers, software developers, user researchers, data analysts, strategists, and architects. With 11 years of experience, our client has already developed more than 400 innovative applications.
Digital Transformation for the Largest Global Travel Group
TUI UK is one of the biggest subsidiaries of the tourism market global leader - TUI. The company operates in 180 countries all around the world, has more than 70 000 people on board, and over 30 million customers. With a great history of success, they recognize the power of digital and the massive contribution this brings to creating a truly unique and differentiated customer experience.